wait, how do i plan for engagement photos?

i’m not a regular bride, i’m a cool bride. If you didn’t read that in Regina George’s mom’s voice then we probably can’t be friends. But it’s true. I’m uncomfortable with a lot of attention and have never, and I mean never, been one of those girls who dreamed about a wedding. I just never did. So when I got engaged and a million questions … Continue reading wait, how do i plan for engagement photos?

the burnout generation

I recently read this article on the burnout generation, oh hi millennials. I related to almost every aspect the author mentioned – difficulty completing straightforward tasks, the mental fatigue due to lack of space optimization, and the overwhelming shame in putting off these tasks. oh hi. it me. Of course it’s alarmingly simple: just do it. But alas Nike, that just isn’t working for me. … Continue reading the burnout generation